Can have 2 in 1. Comfort and elegance.
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14 October 2018

Can have 2 in 1. Comfort and elegance.

Can have 2 in 1. Comfort and elegance.

Fill your closet with high quality cotton and linen textile shirts. Classic and casual models, with regular or slim fit cuts, that adapt to each occasion of your routine.

Regular cut is relatively loose on the body, with good freedom of movement. Comfortable and gives an elegant silhouette.

Slim fit cut stays closer to the body, designed for a modern man who likes to enhance his silhouette.


Classic shirts made with more formal fabrics and neutral colors. They can enhanced with a tie. A suggestion for those who like to adopt a more traditional and formal look.


Available in several styles, from basic shirts to colorful and patterned ones. A suggestion for a more modern and relaxed look.


If you are looking for an elegant and fresh look, choose one of Giovanni Galli’s linen shirts with 100% linen composition in short or long sleeves.

With temperatures rising, linen shirts are the right choice for the hottest seasons of the year. Adopt a Giovanni Galli look, elegant and fresh.

Linen has an elegant and sophisticated look, it is a fabric of 100% vegetable origin, so it has a tendency to wrinkle a little. Articles made up of various fabrics have the advantage of less wrinkling.


If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxed look, choose for one of Giovanela Galli’s Viyella shirts. Viyella is a carded fabric and is naturally more suitable for cold days, with a characteristic soft touch.

Usually a plaid shirt, large or small, has gained more prominence and importance in the last two decades, associated with some artistic movements, namely music.

Choose between short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts, in different colors and patterns, namely checkered ones.

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