Fall/Winter 2022 Trends

20 December 2022

Fall/Winter 2022 Trends

Fall/Winter 2022 Trends

For the cooler days of this season, Giovanni Galli's AW22/23 collection features some key trends, such as: knit cardigans, mid-zip knits, monochromatic suits, and plaid and herringbone patterns; which promise to elevate any man's winter look.

Knitwear allows for elegant looks, but with a more relaxed touch, and is both comfortable and warm.

Checkered shirts are the perfect complement when opting for one of these knits or even a suit, to give more liveliness to the outfit.

For those who prefer more formal ensembles, there are full suits and blazers that fulfill this purpose, but are also cozy.

For a last comfortable and sophisticated touch, the checkered scarves from the new collection are the ideal choice.

All mentioned products from the new collection can be found in our physical stores or in the online store.

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