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Giovanni Galli's collections offer versatile solutions for different occasions. Based on a pleasant quality/price ratio, our client has currently at his disposal classic, relaxed and comfortable pieces.

Positioned in the middle segment, Giovanni Galli has managed to retain its customers based on a relationship of proximity and long term.

The customers are the ones who guide us as we create new collections.

We do not believe in a single formula for success, we believe in the value of work, commitment and professionalism.

With a determined and consolidated corporate culture, we grew up with the young talents that integrate the company with the goal to serve our customer.



Giovanni Galli is committed to offer to the customers a strong and current collection, maintaining quality standards by which it deployed in the national market, honoring the weight of tradition and building lasting relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.



To contribute to the expansion and promotion of a 100% Portuguese brand in the international markets.

Being the first Portuguese brand specialized in clothing and accessories for men to triumph in the international market.


Philosophy and Values

The philosophy of Giovanni Galli is the work done with passion and dedication.

In the company, the preservation of the values ​​of rigor and quality is the foundation that underpins every step we take.

We promote teamwork, commitment and responsibility.

In Giovanni Galli all elements are important and fundamental to achieve our objective.


Brand Strategy

Giovanni Galli wants to project an image of quality, design and competitiveness, maintaining the integrity that defines it and structuring relationships with our customers.

Our challenge is to disclose Giovanni Galli in order to export the brand as a lifestyle.

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