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Giovanni Galli (GG) is not engaged in wholesale trade, without control of the subsequent channels of retail trade.

There are two formats of business: mono brand stores and corners formats in department stores or large multibrand stores (for specific markets only).


The main requirement is to open stores in main commercial streets or consolidated modern shopping centers with high visitor indices and main brands presence.

The ideal shop area is 100-120 sqm plus 30% of warehouse with a façade of 6-8 m.


One of the main distinctive characteristics of Giovannni Galli is that we use a one price policy per article, which guarantees a closer relation of the customer with our main formal products, such as suits (for example a suit 110 or super 120´s costs the same) and ties (silk or polyester is the same price).

Franchising (international area only)

      • Support of a franchisee´s business from the moment of taking a decision to open a store;
      • Evaluation of the location of a prospective store and approval of its opening date;
      • Elaboration of the stor´s design;
      • Supply of fit out and store facilities samples;
      • Supply of all informative and advertising Materials necessary for the store to open;
      • Presence of GG specialists in the stores on opening dates;
      • Presence of a senior merchandiser during stores opening/new collections;
      • Training of the store´s personnel to merchandising, IT and GG sales techniques;
      • Consultations in formation of orders;
      • Consultation and support in all business processes related to the store´s operations.
      • Unlike many brands, GG collects no sales royalties from Partners.
      • A potential partner is required only to open a store in full conformity with GG standards.
      • To open a store the deliveries for furnishing a store should be secured by a bank deposit (guarantee) "on first demand" by a recognized international bank.
      • Opening a GG store together with preparation of the design and decoration project and arrangement and supply of collections takes 6 months on the average.
      1. Quality product made mostly in Portugal;
      2. Excellent prices;
      3. Positionally in the middle segment, with little competition in menswear;
      4. Wide range of collection;
      5. Modern and practical image store, allowing the opening of many stores in a short time.
      6. High rate of customer acquisition by commercial storefronts, with subsequent rate items per Ticket/customer, in the international market about 4 items/customer.

Brand Expansion Markets

We intend to implement stores throughout the world, with strategic interest in, Europe, Asia.


If you are interested in opening a Giovanni Galli store in your country, please contact our Franchising Department at

(+351) 218 685 420

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