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Tem dúvidas?

Contacte-nos, a nossa equipa está disponível para responder às suas questões.

Priority projects:

Adapt some of our products to the needs and realities of each country. If your profile corresponds to our initial prerequisites, your account will be passed to the second phase of evaluation of suppliers.


Non-priority projects:

Our team is always interested in receiving new supplier profiles, as well as discovering the unique opportunities that may be available. If your profile is not relevant to any of our current projects, information about your company will be stored in our database of suppliers for future reference.

To contact, send a brief presentation about your company and complete the table below:

- Company name;

- Central location (Country);

- Location of factories (Countries);

- Contact;

- Years of experience;

- Type of product you produce.


All our suppliers began with small orders, such as interpersonal relations.

This relationship can grow and develop if your needs meet ours.

If so, welcome to our team! garments.


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