Microfibra tie, knit and silk. Do you know the difference?
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19 January 2022

Microfibra tie, knit and silk. Do you know the difference?

Microfibra tie, knit and silk. Do you know the difference?

A tie is an accessory that expresses a man's personality. You can take a risk and choose an extravagant tie, with a strong color and/or a creative pattern, standing out from the rest. However, a basic tie with neutral colors and more traditional patterns will always be a successful choice.

Discover the collection of Giovanni Galli ties, available in Silk, Microfiber or Knit, for any look and personality.

Choosing the right tie color or pattern is just as important as knowing how to tie a knot.

The tie knot is extremely important because of the immediate impact it can have on our appearance. We recommend you use it centered, between the ends of the collar, with the execution of a knot of adequate volume for the spacing and always well snuggled to the union of the collar.


Silk ties stand out thanks to their unmistakable shine, soft touch and lightness. You should choose according to your personal taste, taking into account the occasion. Darks colors and classic patterns are best suited for ceremonial occasions.


Microfiber ties, given their refined textile characteristics, make it possible to obtain a final product with an excellent definition of design and colors, sometimes very similar to the silk finish.


Knitted ties, due to the mixture of different raw materials such as cotton, linen, silk, microfiber and viscose, are not an exclusive winter item and, in summer collections, they are adapted to have a lighter feeling.

These ties usually have an horizontal cut and the width is smaller by approximately 1 or 2 cm, compared to a silk or microfiber tie.

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