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In Giovanni Galli we always seek elements that help to achieve the company´s objectives.

Dedicated, strong character people and easy integration into teams that already exist.

The secret of success is not therefore in our company, we are dedicated to working hard, building motivated, united and responsible teams!


We seek rigor and our values ​are founded on ​professionalism.

In the diversity of our company we can find team store, formed by a store manager, visual merchandisers, window dressers and zone coordinators.

They all work in order to serve our customer, presenting the collection, the brand and its dynamics, specific of a fashion company.


It is still the responsibility of these teams the restoring of articles and maintenance of the store image.

Management and Administration Team

The fashion world is complex and covers several areas of work.

A collection has as basis the design department, responsible for the creation, development and image of it.

Then we will have the intervention of the purchasing, planning, production and stock management teams.


The expansion and opening international stores teams have all the available structure, allowing them to continue to conquer new markets and growth and maintenance of markets already in operation. The marketing and communications team is responsible for developing strategies for short, medium and long term and diffusion, promotion and brand exposure to the media.

All campaigns and sponsorships are still managed by this department.


The human resources, legal, finance, storage, logistics and information technology departments are the basis for all th


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