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How to buy the Gift Card


 Select the offer value. 


 Select the card image that suits best.


 Choose if you want to send the gift card automatically to the recipiente or if you want to receive it on your email box.

  • If you choose yes, you must fill all the recipiente information.
  • If you choose no, you only need to fill the recipiente name.


 Write a message (optional).


 Fill your information.


6º Preview the gift card and make sure that the value and all information is correct.


 Press “ADD TO CART” to proceed with the payment.  

 As soon as you make the payment, the gift card will be sent.



Gift Card Conditions


  • The Online Gift Card is sent by email and it can be used right away at Giovanni Galli’s checkout page.
  • The Online Gift Card can only be used at Giovanni Galli’s website until 6 months counting from the purchase date, and it cannot be refunded.
  • The Online Gift Card can only be used one time, but it’s possible to combine it with other payment methods if the purchase value is superior to the Gift Card value.
  • Giovanni Galli will not be accountable for the loss or incorrect use of the Gift Card code.

E-Gift Customization

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