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Shipping and Returns

  • Returns
    • When will I receive the amount for returned item?

      After the return is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. In a few days you’ll receive the refund according to the refund method selected (this process will have diferente deadlines due to bank communications).


      If the refund value is incorrect, please contact our customer support by phone +351 218 685 420/561 or e-mail

      Giovanni Galli has the right to refuse returns that are placed or sent after the return deadline, or if the items are not in the same conditions of when they were purchased.

      We Kindly remind that the shipping fee, when not offered by the brand, is a cost supported by the customer and there wont be any refund regarding this cost in case of order return.

      In situations when the Client does not send the required information for the return, and if more than 3 months have gone by after receiving the return, we will issue a voucher with that same value so that the client can use on the next purchase. This voucher will be valid for 3 months after it’s issue date and cannot be refunded.


      Attention: The refund deadline will fluctuate depending on the time taken for the return to arrive at Giovanni Galli’s office.

    • What refund methods are available at the online store?

      In the online store of Giovanni Galli the refund can be done through two methods:
      - Worth the same amount to enjoy in a new online purchase;
      - Receive the amount through the same payment method.

      The voucher has a validity of 3 months after its issue.

    • Steps to follow to make the return

      To return one or more items you must follow the stepd bellow.

      Mainland Portugal

      If you selected the standard delivery method, you can return the items at the nearest Pick-Up point.

      If you selected the customer address delivery method, you can return the items from your address ora t the nearest Pick-Up Point.

      In both cases you must attach the return label (that you can find inside or the order box) on the outsider of the Brown box.


      The return is collected by the shipping company at the address that you provide.

      To schedule the collect you must get in touch with our customer support as mentioned bellow.


      1. Request the return

      Log In into your customer Account and open the order history. Then you should select the order and the items thata you want to return.

      2.  Packing

      Fold carefully the items and put them inside the original order package with the duplicate of the invoice.

      3. The return 

      The box must be closed and delivered as instructed bellow

      • Portugal:  deliver at a CTT store or "Pick-Up Point" or you can ask to collect at home. When you request the "collect at home" service is expected that you receive an automatic SMS or E-mail with the scheduled day and hour of the collect. If you dont receive this information after the request, or if you what to change the date or hour, please contact the shipping company directly through the number 707 200 115 to schedule the collect at your address (note that this line might have a maximum cost of €0,09 cents per minute).
      • International:  send an e-mail to mentioning the date that you want to schedule the collect. Take into consideration that we’ll use the same information used at the initial order, such as address and contacts.

      4. Refund

      You’ll receive the refund, regarding the value of the returned pieces, after our Quality Department receive and approve the refund.

      The refund  of the paied value will be made throught the same payment method or by voucher, so that you can repurchase online.

      The refund voucher is valid for 3 months after it’s issued.

    • How do I return an item?

      If you wish to return an item purchased at and you’re not a registered customer, you should use the link sent with your order confirmation.

      If you are registered you should log in into your customer account and follow the return instructions.

      The return deadline is stated at 30 days after the delivery of the order.

      The first return of each order is free of costs no matter the number of items you return. Other returns will have costs applied and the customer will have to pay for them. This costs will be the same as the shipping costs mentioned above on the chart “Shipping – Costs and Deadlines”.


      Note: we do not accept returns for underwear nor swimsuits.


      Repentance return: we only accept articles that are sent with the invoice and that follow the conditions mentioned bellow:

      • Not used
      • Not washed
      • With original inner and outer labels/tags
      • Whitout repairs


      Return of product with defects: It will only be possible if the item has a manufacture defect.

      After we receive the item, it will be carefully evaluated by our quality department and, if the defect is confirmed, the customer will be refunded.


      We do not Exchange items from the online store, the customer must proceed with a return and then make another purchase.


      Items bought online cannot be exchanged/returned at Giovanni Galli’s physical stores.


      The return of an item that was offered must be done by the person that purchased it.


  • Shipping
    • Frequent Questions

      How can I confirm that I’ve made my purchase correctly?

      After you placed your order and made the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from Giovanni Galli. If you do not receive the e-mail, please confirm you SPAM inmail. If, even so, you haven’t received the e-mail, please contact us by phone +351 218 685 420/561 or e-mail


      Note: The purchase and delivery country must be the same.



      What is the Tracking Number?

      It’s a service that the shipping company provides that allows you to follow your order at their website. You can follow your order in real time from the expedition until the delivery stage.

    • Deliveries - Prices and Deadlines


      Type of Delivery



      Portugal (Mainland)

      We do not ship to the islands

      CTT Pick-Up Point and Customer’s Address

      2 to 7 days



      Customer’s Address

      1 to 2 days


      Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, and Slovakia


      United Kingdom temporarilly unavailable

      Economy – Customer’s Address or Pick-Up Point


      International – Customer’s Address or Pick-Up Point

      3 to 7 days


      2 to 4 days





      Denmark and Sweden

      Economy – Pick-Up Point


      International – Pick-Up Point

      3 to 7 days


      2 to 4 days




      Croatia, Cyprus, Monaco and Romania

      International – Customer’s Address or Pick-Up Point

      2 to 4 days


      * Considering business days.

    • Shipping

      Mainland Portugal

      Free shipping costs for purchases above €100, otherwise the shipment costs will be payed by the customer.

      You can receive your order at a CTT store, Pick-up point or another address that you tell us.

      The shipment takes place only after we receive the payment. If you choose to pay by ATM, the shipment might take up to 7 days until it leaves our warehouse.

      On the expedition day, you will receive an e-mail with the shipping company name and tracking number.

      You should follow the order at the shipping company site, so that you can have all the information in real time.




      Free shipping costs for purchases above 150€, otherwise the shipment costs will be payed by the customer.

      On the expedition day, you will receive an e-mail with the shipping company name and tracking number. You should follow the order at the shipping company site, so that you can have all the information in real time.

      You can receive your order at any address that you tell us or at a Pick-Up Point of you choosin.

      If your are not available at the time of the order delivery we will try to deliver it once again. After trying twice, your order will be sent to the nearest Pick-Up point or Post Office.

      Attention: Shipment deadlines might increase during Sales, Discounts and Holidays.


      For any other doubts, you can contact our customer support using our e-mail address: or by phone +351 218 685 420/561.

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