Frequently asked questions

Here you will find everything you need to know.

  • How to buy

    • Choose the category and subcategory, or use the search field to find what you are looking for.
    • Click the article that you want to access to see different views of it, as well as its designation, reference, description, price, color, available sizes, composition and care. Also find related articles at the bottom of the page.
    • The real colors might be slightly different from the picture due to your current screen definitions or lightning. Please check the color at the item description.
    • Select a size and color and press the button “Add to Cart”. That you can choose to “Choose More” items or “Check Out”.
    • You can choose to (1) access to you client area, (2) create a client area or (3) proceed with the purchase as na anonymous client. This last option will only ask for the essential information to ship the order.
    • On the Summary page, you must confirm all the items and quantities you want to purchase to ensure the accuracy of the order. It’s here that you can insert any promotional code, if you have it, and also chosse if you want the order to be delivered at your address or at a CTT – Pick Up point.
    • On the Identification page, you must fill your address and invoice information, as well as the payment method that can be diferente for each country.
    • Then, you must accept the terms and conditions check box and select “Pay Safely”.
    • After that you will receive an email with confirmation of your order.

  • Payment methods

    We have the following payment methods:

    Note: Payment methods may vary depending on the country.

    Your credit card may be refused for any of the following reasons:

    • The card may have expired.
    • The credit limit may have reached. Contact your bank to check that you have not exceeded the authorized purchase limit.
    • Information entered is not correct. Check that you have filled in all required fields correctly.

    The ATM payment method
    • Place your order and choose the ATM payment method.
    • After confirmation, the payment information will be shown on the screen and you will receive an email with the same information within a maximum period of 48 hours.
    • Make the payment at an ATM or Homebanking service:
    • Select the Payments and other services menu;
    • Select the Payment for services / purchases option;
    • Enter the informativo you received: Entity, Reference and Value

    Giovanni Galli's Online Store ensures that your information is protected. In payments via ATM, delivery times may be subject to delays, it may take between 5 to 7 days.

    At the end of 48 hours of not making the payment, your order will be canceled.

  • Giovanni Galli Website Registration

    Sign In and have access to many advantages:

    • An easier process for your future purchases, because you’ll be able to keep your personal data as well as shipping information.
    • Check your orders status and history.
    • Receive information about our offers and promotions.
    • Manage your subscriptions.

    In order to sign in you must:

    • Enter the registration page.
    • At Customer Account subsection you must fill your e-mail address and press the button “Continue”.
    • In order to complete your registration, you must fill in the remaining information and press the button “Done”.

    Now you have your Customer Account ready to use.
  • What is the closest Giovanni Galli store?

    Check the location of Giovanni Galli stores at
  • Can I receive Giovanni Galli news in my email?

    Yes, by subscribing our Newsletter you will receive information on the latest news, suggestions and events, as well as offers.

    Subscribe to the Newsletter Here.
  • What is the Gift Card and the Online Gift Card?

    Gift Card:

    • Can be bought and cashed only at physical stores.
    • Will expire six months after it’s purchase.
    • Can only be cashed once, but you can mix with other payment methods if the purchase value is bigger that the Gift Card value.
    • Cannot be refunded

    Online Gift Card:

    • Can be bought and used only at our online store.
    • Will expire six months after it’s purchase.
    • Can only be cashed once, but you can mix with other payment methods if the purchase value is bigger that the Gift Card value.
    • Cannot be refunded.
    • Giovanni Galli will not be accountable for the loss or incorrect use of the Gift Card code.
    • Buy the Online Gift Card HERE
  • In which languages is the Giovanni Galli website available?

    Giovanni Galli’s website is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Are there exclusive online promotions?

    Exclusive promotions online might happen.

    Stay Sharp to our website and/or social media pages.

  • How can I know if there is stock available?

    At the product page, at the sizes menu, you will find all the sizes available for that item.

    If the size presents a letter icon it is because it no longer exists in stock.

  • Are items marked "Out of Stock" replaced?

    If an item is out of stock, we will try to restock it as soon as possible.

    If no stock is available, it will be removed from our website.

  • Will I receive the same item I see in the photo?

    Yes, however there may be slight color differences due to graphical resolution of the screens.
  • How can I know the status of my order?

    By accessing the purchase history section of your account, the user can know at any time the order status.
    If you've not registered, you can know your order status at Tracking your Order page.
  • Is it possible to cancel a paid order?

    Yes, you can change or cancel your order if it is not already been submitted.
  • How can I recover my password?

    By accessing the section "Access data" of your customer account, you can recover your password.