Online Gift Card

How to get a gift card

How to get the Gift Card

1st Select the value of the offer. 

2nd Select the desired card image.

3rd Choose whether you want to send the gift card automatically to the recipient's email or to your own email.  

  • If yes, you must fill in the recipient's complete data.
  • If not, just fill in the recipient's name. 

4th Write a message (optional). 

5th Fill in your data.

6th Preview the card, confirm that the data and value are correct.

7th “ADD TO CART” to make the payment. 

8th Once payment is made, the gift card will be sent.

Using the Gift Card

  • The Online Gift Card is sent by email to the address indicated, providing the code to be used at checkout.
  • The Online Gift Card is valid exclusively on the Giovanni Galli website, for 6 months after payment, and is non-refundable.
  • The Gift Card is for single use, and can be supplemented with other means of payment if the purchase is of a higher value.
  • Giovanni Galli is not responsible for the loss or misuse of the Gift Card code.

Gift Card Customization

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